About Positive Energy

Joakim - 2020-09-03

Positive energy is important!

At the beginning of 2020, we found out at Granditude that we were generally not so good at telling each other when someone had done something good. This probably applies not only to managers, but to everyone who works with us. Not so surprising, but after an employee survey we got it confirmed. And this was B.C, before Corona! Like many other companies, we went into Corona mode in mid-March and everyone worked from home. From that day, we haven't had a better situation!

I think we are pretty good in general at working remotely. It is part of our culture. However, today it is a lot more difficult to tell each other when someone has done something good. It is clear that some say good things to some through our digital tools. But not everyone has daily direct contact with everyone and every person must actively think about showing appreciation when they think someone else has done something good. That kind of communication simply becomes much more difficult when you do not meet. We do not have any spontaneous physical meetings at the coffee machine or the pinball machine any longer. Many people probably also feel a little lonely when we work from home. It's nice and practical for a while, but for a little while it's not really that fun.

During December-January we had a discussion in the management group around Granditude's values. What do we believe in and why do we do the things we do? In the area of ​​giving feedback to each other, we discussed different ideas. We started with something like "employee of the week", but that didn't feel so fresh, we thought. A physical image, no. A digital photo frame where that person can be seen. But hmm, it's a bit limited, then there will only be a single person getting a recognition that week. The next step would be to develop it a little bit further to give "likes". A little better, but still maybe not so fun in the long run if you have 17 likes compared to 15 last week. Just the number itself is not so fun. Suddenly we got an idea. Why not make it into a gamification application? We take likes to the next level and spread positive energy in different areas? Why couldn't these likes lead to something more? For example, if you get five likes in the category "rescuer in need", you get a virtual trophy at a certain level.

Will this be fun? We believe and hope so. It is important that the service is constantly evolving and that there are things that can be achieved at different levels. There must be a few surprises every now and then.

It could be combined and made a little crazy so there will be a laugh and thus more joy of it all. Someone does a dance of happiness one day and spreads laughter that leads to that person getting three likes in the category "dancing happiness spreader" and it leads to a rare pin called "Fred Astaire" that no one had heard of before. We believe that such surprises could keep the interest in the application and the concept going over time.

How do you think these likes will be distributed then? Our idea is that each person gets a certain number of "credits" once a week, Friday is probably a good day. Then the work week has passed, you have worked and achieved great things together with your friends. It is the last day before the weekend and it also in itself helps to give a positive feeling. We believe that everyone can feel the happiness of spreading happiness to others, and at the same time also get more happiness from others.

We therefore believe that this application could lead to more people giving more positive energy to others and thus spreading more happiness. Does it need to be limited to people in the same company? No, we think, it can be used to spread positive energy to anyone. And it does not even have to be someone you know. It should be possible to send positive energy and encouragement to someone you have seen is having a hard time, or who you simply want to say has done a good job. We start with us at Granditude, but we believe that if it works with us, it can work with others. We believe that an account in the application is personal and you keep it regardless of whether you continue to work or change jobs. It is even a "happiness profile", where you have your collection of positive energy, pins and trophies.

We hope you feel the same as us, that this could contribute to a more positive and happier world!