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We help you optimise your solutions

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We help you optimise your solutions

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We have a number of different products that can help you solve your problems. We build all our software on the same platform, this enables plug-and-play and we can make all parts work together. It also gives us maximum freedom when we build a new solution.

  • Aurora

    Aurora is the world’s first eCommerce Digital Assistant. Let her take care of all your tedious tasks and help you keep your business under control.

    Aurora also keeps track of what your competitors are doing, to enable you to stay ahead in the game!

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  • Connect

    Are you looking for a modern and powerful solution to connect your systems and applications?

    Do you have several external connections with third party programs and applications?

    Do you want to smoothly connect your platform with warehouse management, accounting etc?

    Would you like to have open APIs so that your developers and third party developers easily can develop ad hoc integrations?

  • Storefront

    Are you looking for a modern storefront that gives your customers the best possible shopping experience?

    Are you unhappy with your current solution, which is bad, inflexible and really expensive to run?

    Is your current shop slow? Would you like it to be fast, improve SEO, and drive more traffic to you?

    Would you like a scalable solution where you can easily add more applications, features, integrations etc?

  • eCommerce Intelligence

    Do you need reports from your eCommerce business?

    Do you want to get insights by diving down into specific perspectives?

    Do you want to express yourself in business terms without having to know a lot of technical details about the database?

    Do you need a simple and powerful tool that gives you a clear picture of everything?

  • Price Optimisation

    Are you uncertain about what is the right price for your products? What do your competitors do?

    Are you in a situation today where you have to spend a lot of time and manual work to set the right prices?

    Would you like to know where you could get better margins, and where you could get a better result?

    Are you not happy with your solution today? Would you like a more powerful tool that is simpler to use?

  • PIM

    Do you have a big challenge to continuously handle all the information around your products?

    Do you want to collect all product information in one place and make it available for other systems?

    Do you think it is important that all product information is always correct?

    Would you like a modern, powerful and efficient tool that you could use to work with all your product information?